Metallic Frame Shelter TAM NG

Metallic Frame Modular Tent

The TAM NG shelters are rapid deployment modular tent systems, based on an externally positioned foldable aluminum frame with the fabric cover suspended on it. The TAMs new generation (NG) are set up very fast and can remain for long duration.


• Fast and easy

• Perfect for all types of base camps, hospitals etc.

• Efficiently usable on every type of ground

• The shelters can be connected to each other in every direction. The connection is made with gable and side doors.

• The aluminum frame is foldaway.

• The tent is made up of high quality PVC coated fabrics which are fireproof ad UV rays resistant.

Optional Equipment

• Inner vellum

• Partitioning walls

• Shadowing net

• Canvas cover for foot protection

• Lighting

• Electrical control box

• Generator

• Heater/AC

• Rigid floor

• Entry module

• Side doors

• Connection corridor between tents

• Rigid box for transport

Climate Strength

Wind: 62 mph or 100 kmph (until 84 mph or 135 kmph with gusts)

Snow: 49 dsNlm2 (50 kglm2)


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