Inflatable Tent TAG

Lightweight Inflatable Frame Tent TAG L

Our light TAG L tent can be erected in just few minutes thanks to its inflatable frame.


• Its lightweight and quick & easy installation make the TAG L ideal for advanced medical posts, rescue and emergency etc
• Robust, resistant and supplied with accessories, the TAG L can be used efficiently on all types of terrain
• Easily transportable by 2 people, the tent can be erected by 1 operator in less than 5 minutes with an electrical inflator
• The TAG L tents can be connected to each other easily (intersection tent) in order to make a star-shaped configuration
• The tent is made of a highly resistant, fire retardant and UV protecting PVC coated fabric
• The cover and floor mat are high frequency welded together to form one piece

Load Resistance

Wind: 100 Km/h (TAM) to 200 Km/h (CUBIC)

Snow: 15 kg/sqm

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