Inflatable Tent TMM

Multi-purpose Tent of Large Dimensions TM

The multi-purpose modular tent of large dimensions (TMM) consists of three independent modules. (front gable, a central module and a rear gable)


• The insertion of additional Central modules allows increasing the surface up to 160 m²
• The interior volume of the tent is large enough to enter a truck inside it
• Resistant, robust and equipped with accessories, the TMM can be used effectively on all types of terrain
• Transport is facilitated by the small dimensions of each module which do not exceed 15 m when packed and folded
• With easy connection between the modules and its self - erecting inflatable frame, the tent can be installed very quickly
• The TMM tent can be connected to other tents (even of smaller sizes) in all directions
• The materials used have a high mechanical strength and resistance, they are also fire retardant

Load resistance

Wind: 100 Km/h (TAM) to 200 Km/h (CUBIC)

Snow: 10 kg/sqm

Fabric Colors

• White
• NATO green
• Sand

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