P 300 regulators

O2 / Pressure Regulators

• The smallest and lightest brass oxygen pressure regulators manufactured in Europe
• Manufactured with the best available materials
• The highest Pressure vs Flow performance
• Its maximum stability, in the pressure and flow outlet, during all the range of pressure cylinder, make them to achieve an efficient oxygen use
• The biggest number of flow steps (14) combined with the smallest flow range available, all together to achieve the most precise oxygen-therapy
• A very high flow capacity over-pressure valve, able to maintain the pressure under any fail conditions
• Available in multiple configurations for cylinder fittings, auxiliary outlets and flow scale ranges; for O2 and for Air, CO2, N2O, Argon and its mixtures
• Supply pressure (P1) = 300 – 10 bar
• Outlet regulation pressure (P2) = 4.5 ± 0.5 bar
• Outlet flow = 0 – 250 l/min
• Materials: chrome-plated brass (high pressure stage), chrome-plated aluminum - stainless steel - PC – NBR, sintered bronze (input filter) and TPE (gauge cover)


ISO 10524-1: 2006

EN 738-1: 1997

  • Med-E-024
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