Toyota Hiace High Roof


A Type

Patient Compartment

• Door: tailgate

• Sliding window on partition wall

• 12-V power supply

• 220-V power input

• Self-extinguishing wiring

• Lighting system in LED technology

• Control panel for lighting, air-conditioning, charging system, etc

• Intercom system

• Storage cabinet for housing the essential equipment

• Drawers

• Synthetic nonslip flooring: waterproof, antibacterial, and disinfectable

• Central oxygen supply system (humidifier integrated)

• Integrated roof ventilator

• Stainless steel stretcher support

• Stretcher support with storage compartment for housing spinal boards (optional)

• Adjustable stretcher support (optional)

• Stretcher

• Chair stretcher

• Side bench

• Nurse seat

• CPR bag

• Options for accommodating the advanced medical equipment

• Pediatric kit (optional)


• Integrated warning system in LED technology

• Lighting system in LED technology

Driver Compartment

• Navigation system (optional)

• Reversing camera (optional)

• Console with incorporated switches for the warning and lighting systems


• Model: Toyota Hiace High Roof

• Transmission: Manual

Safety Equipment

• Escape rescue tool

• Fire extinguisher

• Warning triangle

• Reflective vest



10G crash test certified

ISIRI 4374

ISO 9001

  • Road Ambulance
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