Safe, Quick and Easy on Stairs

A combination of aluminium, ABS, polymers, and stainless steel makes this device a great asset in emergency situations. Fitted with a mechanism which minimises the need for manually carrying the patient and chair, it assists the descent or ascent of steps to simplify quick emergency evacuation.


• Sturdy, lightweight and durable construction

• Front swivel wheels are lockable

• Rolling track belts which include a means to slow the descent of the chair

• Folding footrest

• Two handles furnished with 2 non-slip handles on the lower frame

• 2 non-slip handles on the adjustable lift bar

• Two folding handles furnished with 2 non-slip handles on the top frame

• The lift bar gets locked in its extended position

• Metal frame construction has a water and scratch resistant paint finish unaffected by disinfectants.

• The patient seat and backrest made of a strong material which is bacteria resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, washable, waterproof and oil resistant.

• Patient restraint-system with a quick release system

• Highly stable during loading and unloading

• Easy folding and unfolding

• Storable in a folded position


Dimensions, Weight & Loading Capacity

Folded Width: 570 mm

Folded Length: 240 mm

Folded Height: 990 mm

Unfolded Height: 990 mm

Unfolded Width: 570 mm

Unfolded Length: 890 mm

Weight: 15 Kg

Loading Capacity: 150 kg


EN 1865: 2010

FDA QSR 21 CFR 820


ISO 13485: 2003 + AC: 2009

ISO 9001: 2008

  • Med-ST-003
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