Power-assisted Stretcher
Easy Loading & Unloading

Design and engineering created this highly sophisticated power-assisted stretcher which eases operators' job by providing powered movements using solely mechanical energy.

Stretcher Specifications

• The stretcher can be fixed to the undercarriage without using supplementary means.

 • The frame is in sturdy lightweight non twisting construction.

 • All corners of the frame are radiused for greater safety.

 • It is possible to lock and secure the stretcher and undercarriage against lateral, longitudinal and vertical movements.

 • Metal frame construction has a water and scratch resistant paint finish unaffected by disinfectants.

 • The patient restraint system has got quick release system.

 • The lying-sitting part is made of a strong material which is bacterial resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, washable, waterproof and oil resistant.

 • The lying area is non-slip and covered with a transfer mattress which provides for patient comfort and is firm enough to enable cardiopulmonary resuscitation to be undertaken.

 • The lying area is flat over the complete surface and is made of sturdy lightweight construction.

 • The thorax area is manufactured of sturdy lightweight material which allows cardiopulmonary resuscitation without acting as a spring.

 • The lying area has got adjustable footrest, headrest and backrest.

 • Pilot restraint system (optional)

Undercarriage Specifications

• Easy and efficient height adjustment mechanism provides countless height positions and the undercarriage is able to hold the rated load capacity in any position.

• The undercarriage height adjustment mechanism has an integral safety feature preventing the event of failure.

• The undercarriage is used with a separable stretcher.

• It’s possible both to connect the undercarriage to the stretcher and to separate them easily.

• The stretcher is secured to the undercarriage in such a manner that unintentional separation of the undercarriage and stretcher cannot occur.

• The undercarriage is fitted with four wheels. There are four 360° swivel wheels and two wheels at the foot end are fitted with a brake.

• Wheels are proper for rough surfaces.

• Metal frame construction has a water and scratch resistant paint finish unaffected by disinfectants.


Power Source

• The undercarriage height adjustment mechanism works with mechanical energy (two gas springs) which eliminates the need to use electrical or any other kind of energy.

• The operating controls are designed in accordance with the body dimensions, physical strength, and anatomical and physiological requirements of average human beings.

• The operating controls are clearly and permanently labelled with graphical symbols, indicating their positions and settings.


Dimensions, Weight & Loading Capacity

Length: 1950 mm

Width: 540 mm

Height: Max: 1080 mm Min: 390 mm

Loading Height: 690 mm

Weight: 61 Kg

Loading Capacity: 270 Kg



EN 1865-2: 2010

10G Crash test certified

FDA QSR 21 CFR 820



ISO 13485: 2003 + AC: 2009

ISO 9001: 2008

  • Med-ST-001
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